Chaos Software and Asynthetic Ltd announce the immediate availability of Pdplayer

Sofia, October 12, 2008

Today Chaos Software and Asynthetic Ltd. announced the immediate availability of Pdplayer, a software tool for image sequence playback, review and manipulation. Bulgaria based company Asynthetic Ltd., developers of Pdplayer, have been working closely with the team of Chaos Software for more than 2 years, integrating and testing the product as part of production pipelines at major content creation studios across the world.

George Nikolov, co-founder and CEO of Sofia-based Asynthetic Ltd., commented that a contemporary tool must be able to meet a variety of needs by being quick, intuitive, responsive and feature-rich. Pdplayer will help streamline the production workflow and will allow clients to achieve better results by deploying fewer production cycles.

"The developer team at Asynthetic is very open-minded. We were impressed by what Pdplayer had to offer right from the start, when we first came in touch with this product. This was over 3 years ago. Chaos Software has been providing broad support to Asynthetic – not only at the beta-testing stage of the product, but also at the final stages and will be the exclusive global distributor of Pdplayer," said Chaos Software CEO Peter Mitev.

Peter Dimov, co-founder and CTO of Asynthetic Ltd., explained: "A feature that sets Pdplayer apart is its ability to work with multiple layers in real time. Layers can be positioned on the infinite workspace, scaled, reordered, combined using a variety of color corrected blending modes, moved in the timeline and otherwise manipulated, with the output being visible immediately, without re-rendering or rebuilding the cache. Pdplayer relies on its multiple CPU support and its layer-based cache to stay responsive and deliver instant results. It does not rely on the graphics card, making it a universal tool working with any PC hardware."

To meet the resource-intensive needs of today’s digital content creators, Pdplayer offers the option to decrease its cache resolution and work in Half or Quarter modes. This reduces the amount of RAM required to load large sequences. Of course, users of the 64-bit version that can access more than 4GB RAM will need it much less often!

Pdplayer’s unique Brush and Brush Sequence layers enable the hand-drawing over a sequence in order to mark areas of interest. The composition can then be saved and sent back. This is especially useful if the creator and the reviewer are at distant locations.

Another remote collaboration tool that is built into Pdplayer is its HTTP server. When enabled, it allows a client to view Pdplayer’s screen from anywhere across the globe, using only a web browser.

Pdplayer compositions can be exported to Adobe® After Effects® and The Foundry®’s Nuke®. This allows it to be used for composition prototyping. One can quickly experiment with the colors and timing in Pdplayer, then export it to either of these two programs and continue their work there.

Pdplayer features extensive command line support. It can be controlled from any software with scripting capabilities and can be integrated into most production pipelines. Its command files, simple text files containing a sequence of command line options, can be used for composition import and export to and from software tools that are not natively supported by Pdplayer.

Pdplayer supports output to external devices such as Bluefish444 and Blackmagic DeckLink. This allows users to preview their work in the exact environment in which it would be ultimately viewed.

The End User Price of Pdplayer is EUR 249 for a single floating license and is available for immediate purchase and download from Chaos Software.

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Asynthetic Ltd. is a software development company whose founders have a combined experience of over 15 years in the broadcasting, VFX and high reliability software fields.

Chaos Software Ltd. is a leading provider of software solutions for the VFX and visualization industries, the developer of the V-Ray rendering engine, which has been on the market for more than 9 years now.